Article 1

Acceptance of general terms and conditions and inventory

This property is rented based on standard terms and conditions legally applicable to such matters, and in particular, the terms stipulated below with which the tenant promises to comply, or face penalty of payment of compensation or termination of this agreement as the authorized agent may see fit, without being entitled to demand any reduction in the total rent payable.

Article 2

Tenant identification

The tenant who rents the property is the responsible party. Tenant must be at least 18 years of age and cannot be under guardianship. The lease agreement between the parties can in no way extend, even partially, to third persons or entities.

Any violation of this requirement would likely result in immediate termination of the lease, with the tenant at fault. The full amount of the rental will then be retained by, or due to, the landlord.

The tenant may not sub-let the property under any circumstance, even for no monetary compensation, and the agreement will be cancelled if this occurs. The premises are rented for the purpose of temporary or holiday accommodation to the exclusion of any professional, commercial or craft activity of any type, or as complementary or occasional accommodation.

Article 3


The number of tenants may not exceed the maximum accommodation capacity specified in the description (18 people).

Article 4

Rental fees

The rental price is set at the time of booking. It is limited to the specific rental period being booked and includes the following amenities :

Le loyer comprend, pour toute la durée de la location, le paiement des charges locatives et des fournitures disponibles rappelées ci-après :

  • Running water for household use and sanitation
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Stereo and iPod holder
  • Cardio-training equipment
  • Rackets for tennis, tennis table and badminton
  • “Petanque” set
  • Bath linens
  • Bed linens
  • Pool towels

The rental price also includes the staff cost for the rental period :

  • The butler
  • The caretaker
  • The cooker
  • The maid
  • Staff is adapted according to the number of occupants and length of rental

Article 5

Rental period

The tenant who signs the rental agreement at DAR EL SALAM, and all guests, must vacate the villa by check-out time at the end of the rental period.

Article 6

Inspection and inventory

An inspection and inventory of the furniture and fittings outside and inside the villa will be conducted at the start and end of the lease by a representative of DAR EL SALAM and the tenant. This inventory is the only reference in case of dispute.

The rental property, including the furniture and the other contents, are to be treated with care.
Bedding, furniture and other objects may not be moved or transported inside or outside of the villa. All inventoried items must be returned to their original locations upon check out.

Article 7

Insurance, security deposit and damage

The tenant is responsible for all damages, losses or degradations made to the villa, furniture and equipment of the property whether caused by his actions or those of his guests. Therefore, the tenant is required to have a domestic insurance policy that covers holiday accommodation. If the tenant’s existing policy does not cover holiday accommodation, the tenant must apply with the insurance company for an extension of coverage, or take out a special holiday policy. Upon arrival, a valid insurance certificate must be presented to the DAR EL SALAM representative.

Upon receiving the keys to the property, a security deposit in the amount of 1500€ must paid by check or cash. The deposit is not a partial payment for the rental and will be returned to the tenant at check-out, after inventory has been performed. In case of damage, loss or degradation of property, or if the landlord cannot be present, the security deposit will be returned no later than one month after the date of departure, less the cost of damage including, but not limited to :

1) Inside (Important! this list is not exhaustive).

  • Floor and wall coverings,
  • Painting,
  • Curtains and/or blinds,
  • Lights,
  • Pictures,
  • Beds,
  • Pillows,
  • Sofas, chairs and armchairs (structure and covers),
  • Household appliances,
  • Stereos,
  • TVs,
  • Furniture,
  • Fireplaces,
  • Heaters,
  • Windows,
  • Sanitation facilities.

2) Outside (Important! This list is not exhaustive).

  • Trees & grass,
  • Flower beds,
  • Swimming pool / Tennis / Cardio equipment,
  • Furniture and deck,
  • Lights.

The tenant must immediately inform a DAR EL SALAM representative in the event damage or loss occurs.

Article 8

Use of premises

The villa is a smoking property except for the bedrooms, which are strictly non-smoking. If the tenant smokes in other areas, ashes and stubs must be placed in the ashtray.

The tenant will occupy the premises without causing any disturbances and only for their intended purpose.

No tents may be pitched or caravans parked in the grounds of the rented premises.

It is absolutely forbidden to start a fire anywhere on the property, in any season. Only the use of the barbecue facilities, limited to a strict location by the landlord of DAR EL SALAM, is allowed. Using the barbecue on the deck is absolutely forbidden.

In the event maintenance is required on an urgent basis, the tenant must allow the repairperson immediate access to the premises to perform maintenance work, without compensation or reduction of rent.

The tenant will ensure that an adult (person at least 18 years of age) is always present to monitor any children who are under the supervision of the tenant or guests of the tenant.

Article 9

Access and use of the swimming pool

Safe use of the pool is the sole responsibility of the tenant.

An adult must continuously supervise any children in or around the pool.

Do not use the swimming pool under the influence of alcohol or drugs; this may cause drowsiness with risk of drowning.

In case of loss of use of the pool during the stay of the tenant, due to accident or malfunction, a prolonged outage or vandalism, no compensation may be or will be claimed by the tenant to the owner of DAR EL SALAM.

Article 10

Broadband Internet WI-FI access

WI-FI access is offered to the tenant of DAR EL SALAM inside the property. The landlord will not be held responsible :

  • Incompatibility or malfunction in the equipment used by the tenant,
  • Disturbances or interruptions in service,
  • Force majeure as defined in the case law of the French Court of Cassation.

A password, common to all occupants, will be provided on the day of arrival at the villa.

The tenant of DAR EL SALAM is prohibited from transmitting on the internet any material which is prohibited, illegal, contrary to morality or public order and damaging or likely to infringe the rights of others and including intellectual property rights, literary or artistic.

The tenant of DAR EL SALAM is otherwise prohibited from consulting, directly or indirectly, any content available on the Internet which may be susceptible to harming minors.

The tenant of DAR EL SALAM is solely responsible for any direct or indirect damages, material or immaterial damage caused to third parties due to his own use of Internet service above.

Article 11

Animals of DAR EL SALAM

Animal accompanying the tenant

Dogs and cats of DAR EL SALAM, present throughout the year in the property, ensure the safety and the natural balance of wildlife.

Pets are allowed, only with prior approval of the landlord and provided they do not disturb the peace and safety of the occupants of DAR EL SALAM and its neighbors, have up to date vaccinations, comply with hygiene rules and integrity of facilities, and are covered by their owner’s liability insurance. The tenant is responsible for the good behavior of the animal.

The owner of DAR EL SALAM may terminate the rental contract if the tenant is non-compliant with this rule. In this case, no refunds will be made.

Article 12

Responsibility & Obligations of the owner of DAR EL SALAM

The owner of DAR EL SALAM (the landlord) is not responsible for :

  • Tenant non-compliance with this contract and safety instructions related to the host structure,
  • Any theft, loss or damage whatsoever, during or after a stay,
  • Failure or decommissioning of technical equipment or facilities,
  • Damage caused or suffered by tenant vehicles parked or traveling within the limits of the property or outside.

Article 13


All claims relating to the stay must be made at the premises to the representative of DAR EL SALAM in order to find an immediate resolution. If no complaints are lodged, by express agreement, the conditions of the stay will be deemed to have been satisfactory.

All judicial or extra-judicial claims arising from this rental must be made no later than fifteen days after checkout. In case of dispute, the jurisdiction shall be the place of stay.

Article 14

Found property

After the departure of the tenant, property left behind at DAR EL SALAM will be returned upon request and at tenant’s expense.

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